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cold drawn seamless pipe

Cold drawn seamless pipe manufacturer in India

A cold drawn seamless pipe uses physical forces to stretch the raw material, like stainless or carbon steel, and does not involve welding. It is well-suited to high-pressure oil and gas, petrochemicals, and automotive applications

Manifest Alloys is one of the front-running suppliers of CDS tubing in India. We pride ourselves in modern production, testing, and logistical capacities to deliver customised cold drawn mechanical tubing to meet unique buyer needs.

We supply cds tubing throughout India; compare cold drawn and hot rolled tube

Hot rolling occurs over the material’s recrystallisation temperature, i.e., where the grain structure alters. A cold drawn steel tube gets created below it. The latter incorporates hammering and uses mandrels to fit the material through dies (often multiple times).

Both cold rolling and drawing operate at room temperature. However, drawing makes thinner shapes like wires, while rolling creates flatter products.

What are the tolerances of a cold drawn steel tube?

We maintain tolerances of +/- 0.08 to 0.5mm on a cold drawn seamless steel tube with an outside diameter of 30 to 110mm.

The straightness tolerance is 3 to 9 mm for a cold drawn hydraulic tube from 1 to 6 metres long.

Get here high quality cold drawn seamless steel tube and j525 hydraulic tubes in Mumbai, view the cold drawing process, and it advantages

A steel cold drawn tube involves piercing and rolling hot billets and passing them through a die to obtain the desired dimensions.

  • Excellent dimensional accuracy
  • Smooth surface finish
  • High machinability
  • Tight tolerance lowers the need for further processing.
  • High tensile and yield strength
  • Proves cost-effective due to superior performance
  • Seamless pipes eliminate the welding lines in cold drawn welded tubes, delivering finer aesthetics

Buy online cold rolled seamless pipes and cold drawn steel tubes with superior dimensional accuracy and surface finish

What are dimensional accuracy and better surface finish of cold drawn seamless pipe?

Cold rolling necessitates additional pressure, leading to higher tensile strength in a seamless cold drawn steel pipe. The tolerances are tighter since the raw material does not melt during production.

The drawing process lends a smooth, defect-free surface finish to a cold drawn J525 hydraulic tube (low-carbon steel).

Standards & Institutions

We are oldest mechanical tubing manufacturers in India, check the tolerances of steel cold drawn tube
We provide cold drawn stainless steel pipe and welded tubes in a variety of sizes

A cold drawn stainless steel pipe ranges from 1.5 to 24 inches, with outer diameters spanning 0.25 to 10 inches. The wall thickness can be up to 1.5 inches.

Tubes can assume multiple shapes and are stronger and smaller than a cold rolled seamless pipe (in diameter).


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