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ASTM A105 round bar manufacturer in India

Astm A105 Round Bar Specifications

What is an ASTM A105 round bar?

This specification refers to forged carbon steel components for piping. An ASTM A105 round bar contains a maximum of 0.35% carbon, with manganese (up to 1.35%) and silicon. It is generally available as rounds or an A105 hex bar.

ASTM A105 hex bar and SA 105 rod manufacturer in India, check applications

What are the applications of ASTM A105 Circles and Rings?

The typical uses are pipes, valves, flanges, and fittings like elbows and couplings. ASTM A105 circles work in small-diameter piping. These products handle high-temperature service in pressure vessels. A105 rounds get widely employed in power generation, petrochemicals, and construction for repairs, railings, etc.

Specification of ASTM A105 round bar

Specifications Size Manufacturing process
ASTM A105, ASME SA105 2mm - 150mm Forged, cold rolled, hold drawn, peeled
Finish Dimensions Form
Bright, polish & black EN, ASME, DIN, AISI, JIS, BS, ASTM Round, square, hex, rectangualar, flat bar

With a focus on providing exceptional customer service, we offer flexible ordering options and fast delivery times for our A105 hex bar

How does the fast delivery option for an A105 round bar impact the supply chain for various industries?

Several core sectors, like power and automotive, use carbon steel A105 round bars. Manufacturers produce them in standard lengths of 1m to 60m. Suppliers prioritizing the delivery of an A105 steel round bar ensure a smoother supply chain by minimizing application downtime and guaranteeing industrial performance. Some vendors maintain a portfolio of an A105 hollow bar in bright or polished finishes to expedite delivery.

Types of ASTM A105 rounds

SA 105 rod

SA 105 rod

SA 105 Forged Bar

SA 105 Forged Bar

ASTM A105 Hollow Bar

ASTM A105 Hollow Bar

ASTM A105 Rings

ASTM A105 Rings

Standard size range in stock:

  • Forged 4130 A105 Steel Round Bar: Dia 5-250 mm (Grade 4130), Hot Rolled, used for Free Cutting Steel
  • ASTM A105 Carbon steel round bars, Cold & Hot Rolled: OD 2mm (for machine parts)
  • Non-oiled a105 bar stock : OD 500mm (Tolerance: ±1%) Cold Rolled
  • A105 Black Bar: 8 - 610mm dia (Shape: Round, Tolerance +0.01%, Hot Rolled)

We are top 7 A105 round bar manufacturer in India

We utilize ultrasonic testing, hardness testing, and tensile testing methods to ensure that our a105 Carbon Steel Round Bar and ASTM A105 Circles meet the highest quality standards

What is the tensile strength of ASTM A105 Bars?

These bars have a tensile strength of 70,000 psi. The yield strength of ASTM A105 rings stands at 36,000 psi. These properties emanate from the chemical composition of the material. Besides carbon, an ASTM A105 hollow bar also contains tiny amounts of phosphorus, sulfur, copper, nickel, chromium, etc.

Chemical composition of A105 steel bright bar

Grade C Si Mn p S Cr
A105 0.35 0.10-0.35 0.60-1.05 0.035 0.040 0.30
a105 ring and carbon steel a105 round bars is widely used in various industries such as automobile and oil and gas due to its excellent mechanical properties, making it a versatile material for a wide range of applications

Which critical mechanical properties of A105 round bars make them suitable for automobile and oil and gas industries?

These bars display strength, durability, machinability, and dimensional accuracy. An A105 carbon steel round bar gets preferred for automobiles and oil and gas due to its long service duration and corrosion resistance. An SA105 round bar has a Brinell Hardness of 187 and a melting point of 1425 °C.

These products support heat treating through annealing, quenching, normalizing and tempering. Oxidation resistance, hardness, and temperature tolerance make an A105 square bar ideal for condensers, heat exchangers, and refineries.

Mechanical properties of carbon steel A105 round bars

Grade Tensile strength Elongation Yield strength(0.2% offset)
A105 485 22 187
Discover the unrivalled combination of performance and dependability that makes a105 rounds a sought-after material across industries, as well as what factors contribute to a105 square bar's cost effectiveness.

What factors contribute to the cost-effectiveness of ASTM A105 rods in various industries?

An A105 flat bar costs around Rs 60 per kilogram. This material is cheap due to a straightforward and inexpensive production process. It is also 100% recyclable. Using an A105 ring proves cost-effective for multiple industries because of its durability and corrosion resistance.

Equivalent grade of A105 rod

Grade Werkstoff nr. UNS
A105 1.0460 K03504

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where can I get the best price of ASTM A105 Round Bars?

Ans: The actual stockist of A105 bar stock can give you the best price. When you call the actual stockholder they will be able to give you an immediate quote on the phone itself. So save your cost and buy ASTM A105 forged bars from the genuine stockist in India

Q2. Which quality test is required to detect surface & internal defects?

Ans:100% non destructive US testing accordance to EN 10308 (Class 2/ class 3/ class 4), SEP 1920 Class C

Q3. Maximum carbon in A105 bar stock

Ans: 0.35% maximum

Q4. What is the hardness of SA105 round bar?

Ans: 187 HB max

Q5. What is the Indian Standard for carbon steel bars?

Ans: IS : 1570 (Part II and Section 1), Hot Rolled

Q6. Which testing you should ask from the manufacturers for twists free or laps imperfections material?

A) Tensile
b) Bend Testing
c) Hardness testing (If Tensile test not done)

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