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ASTM A182 F1 Round Bar

ASTM A182 F1 round bar specifications

What is an astm a182 f1 round bar?

This product is well-suited to high-temperature applications. An ASTM A182 f1 round bar has chromium and molybdenum for improved durability and corrosion resistance. This specification encompasses the f1 grade for forging and machining, available as SA182 f1 alloy steel hex bars, flat, square, etc.

SA182 f1 rod manufacturer in India, check with us uses of SA 182 gr F1 alloy steel flat bar here

What is an sa182 f1 rod used for?

This material is known for excellent tensile strength and fitment to elevated pressures and temperatures. An SA182 f1 rod gets used in flanges, fittings like elbows, and valves. Its application spans several industrial sectors like power generation, an A182 f1 shaft for engineering, instrumentation, and heat exchangers.

Specification of ASTM A182 F1 round bar

Finish Dimensions Form
Black, matt finish, bright polished, BA finish, rough turned EN, AISI, DIN, ASME, JIS, BS, ASTM Round, hex, square, flat, rectangualar bar
Specifications Size Thickenss
ASTM A182, ASME SA182 10 mm - 200 mm dia 0.5mm to 500mm

We pride ourselves on our vast inventory of a182 gr f1 round bar and ASTM A182 grade F1 bars, ensuring that our customers have access to the quantities they need, when they need them

How do we ensure our a182 gr f1 round bars meet customer needs and requirements?

We perform pmi or positive material identification testing on each A182 gr f1 round bars to verify its chemical composition. Our focus is on quality control and strict adherence to customer specifications. We also examine an a182 f1 barfor hardness, pitting resistance, and tolerance for intergranular corrosion (igc). The test results and interpretations for ASTM A182 grade f1 bars get included in the mill test certificate, with other reports like a certificate of origin and material traceability.

Types of alloy ASTM A182 F1 rod

ASTM A182 F1 round bar

ASTM A182 F1 round bar

SA182 F1 bright bar

SA182 F1 bright bar

SA 182 Gr F1 alloy steel flat bar

SA 182 Gr F1 alloy steel flat bar

ASTM A182 grade F1 forged bars

ASTM A182 grade F1 forged bars

The exceptional quality of our SA 182 F1 polished bars and ASTM A182 F1 AS bright bar is ensured through our Tensile testing methods

What is the significance of tensile testing in the production of a182 gr f1 round bars?

These bars have a tensile strength of 71 ksi or 485mpa. Mechanical testing for this property guarantees that the ASTM A182 f1 as bright bar handles the stated load without deformation. This testing uses a sample load (per the rating) along the tension axis to gauge the response of a UNS K12822 circle. It is a fail-safe approach to guarantee application safety and performance for a A182 grade f1 rod

Chemical composition of ASTM A182 F1 bright bar

Grade Mn Ni Cr C Si Mo S P
ASTM A182 F1 0.30-0.60 0.50 Max 3.0-5.0 0.15 Max 0.50 Max 0.40-0.50 0.030 Max 0.035 Max
Our UNS K12822 rounds and SA182 F1 alloy steel hex bars are renowned for their precision and accuracy, making them an optimal selection for use in critical applications

How do our a182 gr f1 round bars perform in high-temperature and high-pressure applications?

This material exhibits a long service duration and tolerance for high pressures and temperatures. An SA 182 gr f1 alloy steel flat bar can withstand 49ºf to 600ºf. Its pressure rating is 2500 lbs.

Mechanical properties of ASTM A182 F1 forged bar

Grade Tensile strength Elongation Yield strength(0.2% offset)
F1 570 23 295
Experience the best of both worlds with our DIN 1.5415 square bar and ASTM A182 gr F1 alloy steel rods, which offer top-notch quality at a cost-effective price

How does the cost-effectiveness of our astm a182 f1 round bars impact customer satisfaction?

We offer high-quality, intensively tested products with attested metallurgical properties. Astm a182 gr f1 alloy steel rods cost around rs 145 per kilogram. A sturdy DIN 1.5415 ring optimizes application performance and saves maintenance or repair costs. Our portfolio includes custom-cut sa 182 f1 polished bars.

Equivalent grade of AS ASTM A182 F1 square bar

Grade Werkstoff nr. UNS
F1 1.5415 K12822

Features of ASTM A182 F1 round bars

  • → High weldability
  • → Good strength
  • → Highly durable
  • → Ductility
  • → high temperature

Applications of ASME SA182 F1 bright bars

  • → Petrochemical
  • → Oil and gas
  • → Chemical
  • → Power plant
  • → Pulp &pPaper indusry
  • → Pharmaceuticals
  • → Food processing
  • → Aerospace