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ASTM A350 LF2 Round Bar

ASTM A350 Lf2 round bar specifications

What is an astm a350 lf2 round bar?

These bars are produced from alloy steel with low carbon content and titanium for stabilization. An astm a350 lf2 round bar displays strength and ductility. It works fluently in applications exposed to severe pressures and temperatures.

We supply A350 lf2 rod in India, check properties and applications of a350 gr lf2 square bar

What are the properties and applications of an astm a350 lf2 hex bar?

Its primary roles are manufacturing flanges, fittings, furnace parts, heat exchangers, etc., in aerospace, pharmaceuticals, petroleum refining, and food and dairy. A din 1.4903 hex bars is suitable for welding. It endures extreme environments and exhibits corrosion resistance (stress cracking and crevice). An a350 lf2 forged bars also has a high tensile strength of 485-655mpa and tolerates heavy loads.

Specification of ASTM A350 Lf2 round bar

Specifications Size Length
ASTM A350, ASME SA350 3.0 - 300mm 6m, 12m, as per customer requirements
Finish Condition Form
Bright, black, polish Cold drawn, centreless ground & polished, annealed Round bar, square bar, hex bar, rectangualar bar, flat bar

Manifest Alloys is proud to be a distinguished supplier of premium quality astm a350 gr lf2 rod and SA 350 LF2 Class 1 hollow bar, renowned for its exceptional strength and durability

What are the advantages of using an astm a350 gr lf2 rod in low-temperature applications?

These components show dependable performance at low temperatures up to -46℃. The prime benefit of an a350 gr lf2 square bars is that it does not lose its toughness and become soft. This property is due to its constituents: silicon, vanadium, and chromium. An ASTM A350 gr lf2 circle and rod resists pitting, abrasion, oxidation, and stress-induced cracking. It can offer long-term service in low-temperature conditions, less maintenance. An a350 gr lf2 cl1 round bars has heat resistance even for high temperatures up to 345ºc.

Types of A350 lf2 rod

ASTM A350 Lf2 Round Bar

ASTM A350 Lf2 round bar

ASTM A350 Lf2 Class 1 Rod

ASTM A350 Lf2 rod

ASTM A350 Gr lf2 square bar

ASTM A350 Gr lf2 square bar

A350 gr lf2 forged bar

A350 gr lf2 forged bar

We take great care to ensure that every piece of SA 350 LF2 Cl1 carbon steel rod and A350 LF2 forged bar that we offer is of the highest quality, so make sure to check out their advantages

What makes sa 350 lf2 cl1 carbon steel rod of the highest quality?

These rods exhibit toughness, tolerance for impact, and rust resistance. Reliable, quality-focused manufacturers of an a350 lf2 rod use only premium and certified raw materials. Extensive testing is also required to ascertain quality. The classic examinations for an sa 350 lf2 cl1 carbon steel ring are radiography, pitting resistance, test for intergranular corrosion (igc), and positive material identification (pmi).

Chemical composition of A350 lf2 steel bright bar

Grade Cu Si Mo C Nb Mn S P Cr V
A350 LF2 ≤ 0.40% 0.15 - 0.30% ≤ 0.12% ≤ 0.30% ≤ 0.02% 0.60 - 1.35% ≤ 0.040% ≤ 0.035% ≤ 0.30% ≤ 0.08%
The unique chemical composition of DIN 1.4903 hex bar and a350 gr lf2 cl1 round bar makes it ideal for use in a variety of high-stress environments, including power plants and petrochemical refineries

What is the chemical composition of an astm a350 lf2 flat bar?

The composition of a uns k91560 flat bars extends durability and toughness. Its main constituents are chromium (0.3%), nickel (0.4%), copper (0.4%) and molybdenum (0.12%). An sa 350 lf2 class 1 hollow bars also contains carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulphur, vanadium, and niobium.

Mechanical properties of SA 350 lf2 forged bar

Grade Reduction of area(%) Yield strength(0.2% offset) Tensile strength Elongation Hardness (HB)
A350 LF2 30 250(36KSi) 485-655(70-95 KSi) 22 ≤197 HB
The UNS K91560 flat bar and sa 350 gr lf2 round bar offered by Manifest Alloys are renowned for their exceptional quality and reasonable prices

What is the range of prices for astm a350 lf2 rounds?

These products offer cost-effective performance for many industries. The typical price range of an sa 350 gr lf2 round bars is rs. 65 to 100 per kilogram for lengths of 3-6m. The thickness or diameter varies from 1 to over 4 inches

Equivalent grade of SA350 lf2 square bar

Grade Werkstoff nr. UNS
A350 LF2 1.0508 K03011

Weight chart of A350 lf2 round bar

Shapes Pounds/foot
Hexagon D2 x 2.945
Round D2 x 2.67
Flat Thickness (in.) x Width (in.) x 3.4
Square D2 x 3.4

Surface finishes of A350 lf2 hex bar

CG Centreless ground HF Hot finished
BD Bright drawn SRE Slit rolled edge
CF Cold finished HRAP Hot rolled annealed / pickled
ST Smooth turned PR Peeled / reeled
CD Cold drawn P Polished
P&T Peeled / turned RT Rough turned / peeled