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Copper Nickel 70/30 plate

Copper nickel 70/30 plate specifications

What is a copper nickel 70/30 plate/ sheet?

These sheets have a chemical composition of 70% copper and 30% nickel. A copper nickel 70/30 plate also has iron and manganese to enhance its corrosion resistance for marine applications. A 70/30 cuni plateperforms excellently in speedy and polluted waters.

In India, we are a distributor of 70/30 copper nickel plate; see the manufacturing process of Cuni 70/30 strips

What is the manufacturing process of a 70 30 copper nickel strips?

Using high-quality materials from dependable vendors is essential for these sheets. A cuni 70 30 strips can undergo different welding types: spot, gas-shielded arc, brazing, and oxyacetylene-based. It uses temperatures between 1700 and 1900°f. Mills issue an mtc (mill test certificate) to guarantee accurate and defect-free production.

Specification of Copper nickel 70/30 plate

Specifications Size Wall Thickness
ASTM / ASME SB122 1000 mm x 2000 mm, 1500 mm x 3000 mm, 1220 mm x 2440 mm, 2000 mm x 4000 mm, 2000 mm x 2000 mm 0.1mm - 12 mm
Conditions Finish Types
Polished on both sides Hot rolled plate, satin, 2b, cold rolled sheet, 2d Sheet, plate, strip, coils, foil, perforated sheet, chequer plate

We offer a wide range of cupro nickel 70/30 Strip and 70 30 cuni plate options, perfect for a Power Industry and marine applications

What are the applications of copper nickel 70/30 plates and sheets?

Copper nickel 70/30 plates have impressive resistance to bio-fouling. They show good weldability and ease of fabrication. These properties make a cuni 70/30 coils beneficial for oceanic or offshore applications, like propellers, desalination, pump parts, and saltwater flanges. A cuni 70/30 sheet works in chemical processing sectors, boiler parts, evaporator vessels, condensers, heat exchangers, and refrigeration. Another exciting application of a copper nickel 70/30 perforated sheet is in aeronautics for oil coolers and radiators.

Types of cuni 70/30 sheet

Copper Nickel 70/30 Plate

Copper Nickel 70/30 Plate

Cunifer 70/30 perforated sheet

Cunifer 70/30 perforated sheet

Cuni 70 30 strips

Cuni 70 30 strips

Copper nickel 70/30 chequer plate

Copper nickel 70/30 chequer plate

At Manifest Alloys, we use a combination of destructive and non-destructive testing techniques to guarantee the quality of our ASME SB122 cuni 70/30 Coil and WNR 2.0882 Hot Rolled Plate

What are the benefits of ndt testing for a 90/10 copper nickel sheet?

The ndt tests (non-destructive) for a copper nickel 70/30 sheet include positive material recognition, radiography, eddy current, and chemical examination. Ndt testing of an asme sb122 cuni 70/30 coil guarantees performance, composition, tensile strength, elongation, and corrosion resistance. Manufacturers may use pitting corrosion tests, buckling, and crushing to assess the performance of a cupro nickel 70/30 strip under exposure to harsh environments.

Chemical composition of cupro nickel 70/30 coils

Grade Mn Cu Pb Fe Ni Zn
70/30 1 max 65.0 min 0.5 max 0.4-1.0 29-33 1 max
C71500 Plate and Cu Ni 70 30 Chequered Plate are highly resistant to both saltwater and freshwater environments due to their unique composition

What makes a c71500 plate unique in resistance to saltwater and freshwater environments?

These sheets are perfect for aqueous environments as they inhibit impingement, corrosion (alkali and acidic), and barnacle contamination. A c71500 plate ramps up these properties with manganese and iron. It may also comprise niobium, silicon, beryllium, and aluminium. It supportsa cu-ni 70/30 cold rolled plate in handling marine settings.

Mechanical properties of cuni 70 30 strips

Grade Melting point Density Tensilestrength Elongation Yieldstrength(0.2%Offset)
90/10 2260°F 8.8g/cm3 50000 PSi 30% 20000PSi
70/30 2260°F 0.323 lb/in3 at 68°F 50000 PSi 30% 20000PSi
Find out how Cu-Ni 70/30 Cold Rolled Plate and ASTM B122 UNS C71500 Perforated Sheet are ideal for use in the shipbuilding and marine industries by checking out our different grades

What are the different grades of a 70/30 copper nickel sheet and their specialities?

These sheets belong to uns 30 2.0882or c71500. Buyers acquire these sheets in various dimensions and types, say, a wnr 2.0882 hot rolled plate, coils, circles, etc. The application dictates the plate grade and design. For instance, an astm b122 uns c71500 perforated sheet has surface openings for ventilation and temperaturecontrol.

Equivalent grade of copper nickel 70/30 perforated sheet

Grade UNS Werkstoff Nr.
70/30 C71500 2.0882