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Copper Nickel 90/10 Round Bar

Copper nickel 90/10 round bar What is a copper nickel 90/10 round bar?

This bar uses 90% cu and 10% ni. A copper nickel 90/10 round bar has high corrosion resistance because of alloying additions of iron and manganese. Offshore and marine industries extensively use a uns no c70600 rod for fittings, propeller sleeves, valves, and hardware. Non-marine environments also use it for antimicrobial properties and durability.

We supply copper nickel 90/10 bright bar in India; come to know well about benefits of using CuNi alloy 90/10 rod

What are the benefits of using a 90 10 cu ni round bar?

These bars have versatile uses: from evaporators and firewater systems to desalination and ship valves. a cuni 90/10 hex bars has antimicrobial properties that repel microorganisms. It also has a high ultimate tensile strength of 303 to 414mpa.

Specification of copper nickel 90/10 round bar

Specifications Size Conditions
ASTM B151, ASME SB151 6 mm to 120 mm Hardened & tempered, annealed
Dimension Surface finish Types
EN, ASTM, DIN, BS, JIS, AISI, ASME Cold drawn, bright drawn, centreless ground, polished Round, square, hex, rectangular, flat bar

Our inventory of 90/10 Cu-Ni square bar and copper nickel alloy 90 10 roundbar includes a variety of diameters and lengths, so you can find the ideal one for your needs

What are standard diameters and lengths of copper nickel alloy 90/10 round bars?

These products fall under the astm b111 specification. Astm b111 cu-ni 90/10 rods have a diameter of 3 to 800mm and 2 to 100mm thicknesses. The width can be from 10 to 500mm. Buyers can procure a 90/10 cu-ni square bars in lengths from 100mm to 6000mm.

Types of copper nickel 90/10 rod

Cupro Nickel 90/10 Hex Bar

Cupro Nickel 90/10 Hex Bar

Copper Nickel 90/10 Round Bar

Copper Nickel 90/10 Round Bar

90/10 Copper Nickel Flat Bar

90/10 Copper Nickel Flat Bar

90-10 Cu-ni Rod

90-10 Cu-ni Rod

We utilize pitting resistance testing method to test the composition of our 90 10 cu ni bar and DIN 2.0872 Rounds

How does the pitting resistance of a 90 10 cuni bar affect its performance in various applications?

Besides iron and manganese, these bars can contain lead, phosphorus, sulfur, carbon, and zinc. This composition gives a cu-ni 90/10 rod excellent pitting resistance, with a pren of 37. These rods inhibit biofouling, which reduces the number of sites for pitting. A 90 10 cu ni bar can withstand chlorides and deliver reliable performance in moving seawater.

Chemical composition of cupro nickel 90/10 bright bar

Grade Mn Cu Pb Fe Ni Zn
90/10 1.0 max 88.6 min 0.5 max 1.8 max 9-11 max 1 max
Our Cu-Ni 90/10 bright bar and ASTM B111 Cu-Ni 90/10 rods are made to exacting standards and are known for their durability and speciality in harsh environments

How durable is a copper nickel alloy 90/10 round bar in harsh environments?

The overall durability of this material is high. A copper nickel alloy 90 10 round bars has a tensile strength of 280n/mm². It can withstand temperatures of 800°c to 900°c. This product can tolerate corrosion from many abrasive agents like acids. Further, a uns c70600 cold drawn bars has a hardness of 70-120 hb, which makes it sturdy enough for stressful conditions.

Mechanical properties of cuni 90-10 forged bar

Grade Melting point Density Tensilestrength Elongation Yieldstrength(0.2%Offset)
90/10 2260°F 8.8g/cm3 50000 PSi 30% 20000PSi
Looking for a high-performance material for your industry? Our CU-NI 90/10 round bar and uns c70600 cold drawn bars are the ideal choice

What makes a c70600 copper nickel rod a high-performance material?

The stellar performance draws from the unique constitution of these rods. A cuni 90 10 flat bars has iron, which builds a protective layer to stop corrosion even in seawater. Meanwhile, manganese connects with sulfur to amp up properties like strength and melting point. A din 2.0872 square bars can contain tin and niobium to improve tensile strength.

Equivalent grade of cunifer 90-10 square bar

Grade UNS Werkstoff Nr.
90/10 C70600 2.0872