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Duplex wire mesh

Duplex wire mesh specifications

What is a Duplex wire mesh?

These meshes match applications demanding strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. A duplex wire mesh works in filtering and screening in the chemical, pollution control, and paper production sectors.

Clients can choose a 2205 duplex stainless steel wire mesh with 22% chromium, 5% nickel, and molybdenum. Meshes with more chromium content (i.e., Grade 2507) suit seawater and higher pressures.

As a trusted supplier of UNS S32205 wires in India, we invite you to explore the diverse range of applications for Duplex 1.4462 wire mesh

How is a duplex wire mesh used in demanding applications such as the oil and gas, chemical, and pulp and paper industries?

Using a duplex steel UNS S31803 wiremesh in trying environments is safe and reliable since it tolerates abrasives and temperatures from -50 to 300°C. A duplex stainless steel wire mesh screen resists chlorides (SCC) and intergranular corrosion.

Specification of duplex wire mesh

Specifications Size Length
ASTM A276, A479 / ASME SA276, SA479 10 mm - 100 mm Dia 12000mm Max
Grade Mesh counts Types
S31803, S32205 2 - 200 mesh Wire mesh, hexagonal, welding, netting, woven, spring, fencing wiremesh

Mumbai is a vibrant and dynamic city, and we are proud to be a part of its development by supplying high-quality UNS S32205 Wire Mesh for its infrastructure, view benefits of using Duplex Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Screen

What are the benefits of using a duplex wire mesh for infrastructure and building projects? How does it compare to other types of mesh?

A duplex 1.4462 wire mesh is a common choice for infrastructure projects due to its lightness and inherent strength (tensile rating of 880 Mpa).

  • Environment-friendly, although aluminium can be lighter and greener
  • Resists crevice corrosion better than standard stainless steel
  • Good weldability, but machining can be challenging
  • Long service life

Types of UNS S32205 wires

Duplex 1.4462 wire mesh

Duplex 1.4462 wire mesh

Uns s32205 wire mesh

Uns s32205 wire mesh

Duplex steel fencing wire mesh

Duplex steel fencing wire mesh

Duplex hexagonal wire mesh

Duplex hexagonal wire mesh

Our DSS Fencing Wire Mesh and duplex 2205 stainless steel wires is tested and verified to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind

Which testing methods evaluate the corrosion resistance of a duplex wire mesh? How do these methods inform material selection for different applications?

Corrosion testing for a SAF 2205 duplex stainless steel wiremesh is integral in industrial material selection. We use internationally accepted techniques like IGC and pitting resistance tests. For instance, a S32205 wire mesh has an annual corrosion rate of roughly 0.416 milli-inch.

Clients can request additional electrochemical tests or a third-party inspection

Chemical composition of DSS woven wires

Mo C Mn Cr Ni Si P S N Fe
3.00-3.50 .030 Max 2.00 Max 22.0-23.0 4.50-6.50 1.00 Max .030 Max .020 Max 0.14-0.20 Balance
Although the initial cost of UNS S31803 wiremesh and Duplex Hexagonal Wire Mesh may be higher than other materials, its long lifespan and durability can make it a more cost-effective option in the long run
What are the most cost-effective applications for a duplex wire mesh? How do they reduce overall project costs?

The initial costing of a duplex steel woven wiremesh may seem high, but it is cost-effective. It is lighter and stronger than many alternatives, limiting the required project material. A duplex stainless steel spring steel wire mesh is cheaper to transport and dispose, with low total ownership costs.

Mechanical properties of duplex stainless steel wire

Grade % Elongation YS (MPa) Hardness(BHN) UTS (MPa)
S31803 25 min. 450 min. 293 max. 620 min.

Knowing the specifications and tolerances for SAF 2205 Wiremesh and Duplex Stainless Steel Spring Steel Wire Mesh is important for ensuring its quality and suitability for specific applications

What are the standard specifications for a duplex wire mesh? How do they vary based on the intended application?

Manifest Alloys uses global specifications like ASTM, DIN, and JIS. For instance, a 1.4462 wire mesh is available in 5 to 400 mm diameters. Application needs of strength, resilience, and dimensions will dictate the best standards for you, like a UNS S32205 S32750 wire mesh.

Equivalent grade of duplex 2205 wire mesh

Duplex 1.4462 S31803 / S32205

Characteristic of duplex wire mesh

  • → Excellent corrosion and rust resistance
  • → High strength
  • → Acid and Alkali resistance
  • → Good fatigue strength