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Stainless steel 316 round bar

Stainless Steel 316 Round Bar Specifications

How does the corrosion resistance of Stainless Steel 316 Flat Bar, Hex Bar, and Square Bar compare to Stainless Steel 304?

This resilient grade comprises additional 2% molybdenum to enhance its chromium-nickel alloying composition. Hence, a stainless steel 316 flat bar exhibits superior corrosion resistance over 304, with a higher PREN (Pitting Resistance Equivalent) of 24.2 over 19.

These products also show higher creep resistance at elevated temperatures and have widespread industrial, structural, and marine applications. A stainless steel 316 flat bar can handle sulfuric acid up to 5 per cent, 20% phosphoric acid, and fatty acids. However, it suffers when exposed to concentrated nitric acid and faces carbides precipitation in the 800 to 1500°F range. Still, a stainless steel 316 hex bar resists stress-corrosion cracking better than 304.

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Specification of stainless steel 316 round bar

Specifications Size Finish
ASTM A276, ASME SA276 / ASTM A479 ASME SA479 3 - 800mm Polished, rough turned, smooth turned, cold drawn, centreless ground, bright drawn, annealed
Production Method Tolerances Tensile strength
Rolled / forged H8, H13, K10, K9, H9, H12, H10, H11, K11, K12 80Ksi (550 MPa)
Value added services of polished 316 SS hex bar American standards of ASTM A240 UNS 316Ti SS flat bars Thickness of SS 316 square Bar
Bending, welding, cutting AiSi, ASTM, JIS, DIN, EN, GB 0.3 - 200mm

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How do you ensure the accuracy of cutting, drilling and bending services for a Stainless Steel 316 Flat Bar/Hex Bar/Square Bar?

These are standard fabrication and forming techniques for an ASME SA 240 316 stainless square bar. Using sharp and compatible cutting tools and guaranteeing quality adherence is vital for long-term performance. Automated, CNC-controlled, or laser-led cutting at suitable speeds are best for a stainless steel 316 hexagon bar.

Thorough quality control involving visual inspection and NDT/manipulative testing is paramount for a WNR 1.4401 SS 316 ring. For instance, we recommend flattening tests, tensile strength assessment, and ultrasonic examination to diagnose defects and discontinuities.

Types of SS 316 Bars

Stainless Steel 316 Bright Bar

Stainless Steel 316 Bright Bar

316 Stainless Flat Bar

316 Stainless Flat Bar

316 Stainless Steel Hex Bar

316 Stainless Steel Hex Bar

316 Stainless Steel Square Bar

316 Stainless Steel Square Bar

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What is the average price range for Stainless Steel 316 Hex Bar in the market?

Buyers will find an ASTM A240 WNR 1.4401 SS 316 flat bar more expensive than its 304 counterparts. The superior metallurgical characteristics hike the price to around Rs 416 per kilogram for up to 2 inches in diameter and 6m in length.

A polished 316 stainless steel flat bar costs considerably more because of the additional processing and higher lead times.

The cost of an SS 316 square bar depends on the quality of the raw materials and the global demand-supply situation. Manufacturers boasting tighter tolerances and quality standards quote steeper rates for ASTM A240 UNS 316Ti SS circle.

Chemical composition of 316 SS bright bar

C Si Mn S P Ni Cr
0.08 max 0.75 Max 2 max 0.030 max 0.045 max 8 - 11 18 - 20
WNR 1.4401 SS 316 hex bar is an ideal choice for use in high-corrosion environments, see their advantages here

Mechanical properties of SS 316 forged bar

Grade Density Tensile strength Melting points Elongation Yield strength(0.2% offset)
SS 8.0g/ cm3 PSI-75000, MPa-515 1400°C (255°F) 35% PSi-30000, MPa-205
Check chemical composition and mechanical properties of ASME SA 240 316 stainless square bar

Equivalent grade of 316 SS flat bars

Standard Werkstoff nr. UNS JIS BS GOST AFNOR EN
SS 1.4301 S30400 SUS 304 304S31 08X18H10 Z7CN18-09 X5CrNi18-10

Value added services of stainless steel 316 flat bars

  • → Surface Machining
  • → Production Bar Cutting
  • → Heat Treatment
  • → Chemical Milling
  • → Precision Grinding
  • → Rigidizing
  • → Turn, Ground, and Polishing
  • → Custom Packing
  • → Trepanning

Tolerances of WNR 1.4401 SS 316 hex bar

Size (mm) Permited variations
Primary – rolled Re-rolled
Out of section( mm) Diameter +/- mm Out of section (mm) Diameter +/- mm
>26 <=38 0.6 0.4
>16 <=26 0.5 0.3
>51 <=64 0.9 0.6
<=16 0.3 0.2
>38 <=51 0.8 0.5
>64 <=76 1.1 0.7
>90 <=120 2.3 1.5
>76 <=90 2.0 1.3
>120 <=160 3.0 2.0
>200 4.5 3.0
>160 <=200 3.8 2.5

Size chart of UNS 316Ti SS flat bars

  Specification Size (mm) Thickness
Stainless steel 316 flat bar A 240

1000 mm x 2000 mm
1250 mm x 2500 mm
1220 mm x 2440 mm (4' x 8')
2000 mm x 4000 To 6000 mm
1500 mm x 3000 To 6000 mm

0.3 mm - 120 mm

Applications of stainless steel 316 square bar

  • Oil & gas industrires
  • Construction industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Petrochemical industry
  • In offshore pipelines, pipe works
  • Hydraulic applications
  • Shipbuilding industries
  • Piping systems