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Titanium flanges supplier in India

Titanium flanges specification

What are titanium flanges?

These premium products use ti or its alloysfor high performance, corrosion resistance, and durability. Titanium flanges create a leak-tight sealin critical applications like marine industries, chemical processing, and desalination plants.Clients demand these products for diverse needs, like ti slip on flanges for low-pressure fluids. Routine cleaning and maintenance improveservice longevity. Many industries prefer a ti lap joint flangefor applications demanding frequent inspection.

Titanium blind flange manufacturer in Mumbai

What are the advantages of using a titanium flange in high-performance applications?

These flanges have brilliant resistance to oxidation and corrosives like acids, alkalis, and saltwater. Titanium b16.5 forged ring show mechanical strength and ductility. Similarly, ti conflat flanges create seals to produce a vacuum. This material maintains strength at temperatures of 400 to 500℃. It is handy for a ti exhaust flange used to connect sections of exhaust pipes. Likewise, light weight ti header flangesconnect tubing to exhaust ports.

Specification of titanium flanges

Specifications Size Class
ASTM B381 / ASME SB381 1/2" - 60" NB 150#, 300#, 1500#, 600#, 900#, 2500#, PN6 - PN64
Technique Flange face type Types
Forged, heat treated, machined Flate face, raised face, ring type joint Blind flanges, slip on flanges, weld neck flanges, socket weld flanges

If you need a single or bulk order of titanium pipe flange, our inventory is regularly replenished to ensure that we have the product you require

How is the quality of a titanium weld neck flange ensured during manufacturing?

A weld neck flange suits high pressure, fluctuating and cryogenic temperatures, and hazardous fluids. A ti weld neck flange requires forging, casting, and rolling using precise, heavy-duty equipment to prevent hardening. Each stage integrates quality control steps. Electro slag refining (esr) also improves the final quality. In contrast, ti socket weld flanges have lower strength for small-diameter piping.

Types of ti flange

Titanium exhaust flange

Titanium exhaust flange

Titanium blind flanges

Titanium blind flanges

Titanium weld neck flange

Titanium weld neck flange

Titanium socket weld flanges

Titanium socket weld flanges

Our strict testing procedures ensure the integrity of our ASME B16.5 socket weld flange and Titanium header flanges, ensuring they meet the highest quality standards

How do the testing procedures ensure the integrity of asme b16.5 titanium blind flanges?

ASME B16.5 ti blind flangesseal or isolate a piping section.Testing verifies the chemical composition, tensile strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance. Manufacturers test ti blind flanges through radiography and water pressure test. It detects flaws in ti blrf flanges (blind raised face flanges)to protect application integrity.

Chemical composition of titanium slip on flanges

Grade Al N C V O Ti H Fe
Titanium grade 2 - 0.03 max 0.10 max - 0.25 max bal 0.015 max 0.30 max
Titanium grade 5 6 min - - 4 min 0.02 max 90 min - 0.25 max
Our Titanium BLRF Flange and Ti Ring Type Joint Flanges offer an unbeatable combination of superior performance and affordability.

How does titanium in ring type joint flanges contribute to their superior performance and affordability?

These flanges work in high pressure and temperature, using cut grooves and gaskets for sealing. Ti ring type joint flanges offer strength and resistance to pitting and stress-cracking. It also performs well at low temperatures (-253℃). The high strength-to-weight ratio and low density (4.51g/cm3) make it cost-effective.

Mechanical properties of ti blind flanges

Grade Density Elongation Tensilestrength Melting point Yieldstrength(0.2%Offset)
Titanium grade 2 4.5 g/cm3 20% Psi-49900, MPa-344 1665°c(3030°F) PSi-39900, MPa-275
Titanium grade 5 4.43 g/cm3 14% Psi-138000, MPa-950 1632°c(2970°F) PSi-128000, MPa-880

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How does the composition of titanium steel orifice flanges make them resistant to corrosion and seawater?

These resilient components check the flow rate through the piping. Ti steel orifice flanges contain molybdenum, manganese, iron, chromium, copper, and vanadium. It boosts tolerance for seawater, alkalis, chlorides, nitric acid, and sulfuric acid.

Equivalent grade of titanium weld neck flange

Grade UNS Werkstoff Nr.
Titanium grade 2 R50400 3.7035
Titanium grade 5 R56400 3.7165

Weight chart of titanium flanges

Diameter Class Bolt Circle Diameter Bolt Size Number of Bolts Diameter of Bolt Hole Standard
95 PN14 Flanges 67 M12 4 14 AS4087 Flanges
95 Table E Flanges 67 13 4 14 AS 2129 Flange
95 Table D Flanges 67 13 4 14
95 Table C Flanges 67 13 4 14
114 Table H Flanges 83 16 4 17
95 Table F Flanges 67 13 4 14
114 Table J Flanges 83 16 4 17
89 ANSI 150 Flanges 60 13 4 16 ANSI B16.5 Flanges
121 ANSI 900 Flanges 83 19 4 22
95 ANSI 600 Flanges 67 13 4 16
121 ANSI 1500 Flanges 83 19 4 22
95 ANSI 300 Flanges 67 13 4 16
95 PN10 Flanges 65 M12 4 14 ISO 7005 (DIN) Flange
95 PN16 Flanges 65 M12 4 14
80 PN6 Flanges 55 M10 4 11
90 PN20 Flanges 60.5 M14 4 16
95 PN40 Flanges 65 M12 4 14
95 PN25 Flanges 65 M12 4 14