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Titanium Grade 2 Pipe fittings

Titanium grade 2 pipe fittings specifications

What are Titanium Grade 2 Pipe fittings/ Buttweld Fittings?

These impressive piping components are sought after by core sectors like oil & gas, heat exchangers, and flue-gas desulphurization. Titanium Grade 2 pipe fittings contain 98% titanium with small amounts of oxygen, iron, and nitrogen.

Manifest Alloys assists buyers with titanium Grade 2 buttweld fittings like reducers, elbows, and end caps.

Ti gr 2 elbow supplier in India

What are the features of Titanium Grade 2 Pipe fittings?

An ASME B363 Ti Gr 2 stub end has a high tensile strength (344 MPa) and is incredibly easy to machine.

  • Handles high pressure and temperatures up to 315ºC
  • Biocompatible
  • Good hardness of 80 HRB
  • Resists creep, pitting, and fatigue

Specification of titanium grade 2 pipe fittings

Specifications Size Thickness
ASTM/ ASME B363/ SB363 1/2" - 24" Sch 5s - Sch XXS
Pressure ratings Test Types
2000 LBS, 6000 LBS, 9000 LBS, 3000 LBS 100% radiography, raw materials, third party inspection Elbow, reducer, tee, cap, stub end

In Mumbai, we provide high-quality titanium grade 2 buttweld fittings for a variety of industries; discover about the various applications of our ti gr 2 seamless fittings

What are the applications of Titanium Grade 2 Pipe fittings?

Hardiness and adaptability make titanium Grade 2 fittings ideal for chemical plants, mainly hydrocarbon processing, desalination units, and heat exchangers.

They also perform in power plants, architecture, marine sectors, and biomedicine.

Types of ti grade 2 buttweld fitting

Titanium gr 2 elbow

Titanium gr 2 elbow

Titanium gr2 buttweld fittings

Titanium gr2 buttweld fittings

WNR 3.7035 Reducing Tee

WNR 3.7035 reducing tee

UNS R50400 End Cap

UNS R50400 end cap


Our ASTM B363 wpt2 buttweld elbow and ti alloy grade 2 welded fittings undergo a series of stringent tests such as ultrasonic testing, radiographic inspection, and hydrostatic testing to ensure their strength, durability, and reliability

How do titanium grade 2 pipe fittings undergo quality control and testing?

Routine testing for a Grade 2 titanium elbow involves PMI (Positive Material Identification), strength assessment, and spectrometry. Manufacturers also check intergranular corrosion and run Charpy Impact testing.

A WNR 3.7035 reducing tee can undergo further examination via dye penetrant testing or a third-party inspection. The Mill Test Report summarizes quality control results.

Chemical composition of titanium gr 2 elbow

Grade Al N C V O Ti H Fe
Titanium grade 2 - 0.03 max 0.10 max - 0.25 max bal 0.015 max 0.30 max
The unique combination of austenitic and ferritic microstructures in uns r50400 end cap and titanium gr 2 elbows gives them superior properties over other traditional stainless steel alloys

What makes titanium grade 2 pipe fittings superior in terms of quality?

The quality edge in Ti alloy grade 2 welded fittings derives from its corrosion resistance (thanks to an oxide layer), high strength-to-weight ratio, formability, and environmental tolerance.

Titanium Gr 2 elbows are more affordable than Grade 5 alternatives but still exhibit brilliant abrasion resistance.

Mechanical properties of titanium gr2 tee

Grade Density Elongation Tensilestrength Melting point Yieldstrength(0.2%Offset)
Titanium grade 2 4.5 g/cm3 20% Psi-49900, MPa-344 1665°c(3030°F) PSi-39900, MPa-275

Manifest Alloys's ability to supply ASTM b363 wpt2 reducer and ASME b363 ti gr 2 stub end in a timely and cost-effective manner has made us a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes

How does the cost of titanium grade 2 fittings vary based on size and quantity?

We provide budget-friendly rates for a UNS R50400 end cap without cutting corners. Clients can request standard sizes up to 24 or 36 inches (seamless, welded) or personalised dimensions.

Typically, the price of Ti Gr 2 seamless fittings ranges from Rs. 850 to 1000 per piece. The net costs may vary by the amount, treatments, and timeline.

Equivalent grade of titanium gr2 reducer

Grade UNS Werkstoff Nr.
Titanium grade 2 R50400 3.7035