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Copper Nickel 70/30 Flanges

Copper nickel 70/30 flanges specifications

What are copper nickel 70/30 flanges?

These products contain copper (70%) and nickel (30%). They include small additions of iron and manganese. Copper nickel 70/30 flanges offer strength, durability, and bio-fouling resistance. Buyers can procure them in different types, like a din 86037 rtj flange comprising a ring with a deep sealing groove.

Cu Ni 70/30 Blind Flange supplier in India

How do the durability and strength of copper nickel 70/30 blind flanges make them suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications?

Several industries use blind flanges to seal or temporarily isolate piping sections. A CUNI 70/30 blind flange tolerates high temperatures and pressures in offshore mining and power plants, thanks to iron and manganese. A 70/30 cuni flange can withstand mechanical stress created by systemic pressure and bolting forces.

Specification of copper nickel 70/30 flanges

Flange face type Pressure rating class Types
Flate face, ring type joint, raised face 150# - 2500 # Blind flanges, slip on flanges, weld neck flange, socket weld flanges
Specifications Size Technique
ASTM B151 / ASME SB151 1/2" - 48" Machined, forged, heat treated

Organizations of the highest calibre from all over the world have put their trust in our 70 30 cupro nickel flange, also see how cu-ni 70-30 rtj flanges resist corrosion in harsh environments

How does the composition of copper nickel 70/30 slip on flanges impact their resistance to corrosion in harsh environments?

These flanges operate in corrosive and sour environments, connecting to piping by fillet welds on the outside and inside. An copper nickel 70/30 slip on flanges resists corrosion from chlorides, nitrates, sulfates, etc. It has a pren of over 40. Elements like iron, manganese, and nitrogen (for strengthening) grant these properties to cu-ni 70/30 forged ring.

Types of cuni 70-30 socket weld flange

70/30 Copper Nickel Flanges

70/30 Copper Nickel Flanges

70/30 Cuni Rtj Flanges

70/30 Cuni Rtj Flanges

70/30 Cupro Nickel Socket Weld Flanges

70/30 Cupro Nickel Socket Weld Flanges

CUNI 70/30 blind flange

CUNI 70/30 blind flange

We ensure the quality of our Cupro Nickel 70/30 Socket Weld Flange and asme b16.5 cu-ni 70-30 flanges by subjecting them to a thorough Tensile of tests before they are deemed fit for delivery

What are the benefits of using specific tensile testing methods for copper alloy 70/30 socket weld flanges?

High tensile strength (359mpa) is a salient bonus of copper nickel 70/30 weld neck flange. They use a socket to insert the pipe and secure the connection with an outer fillet weld. The standard technique is a longitudinal tensile test to guarantee the durability of a 70 30 cupro nickel flange in refineries and marine industries.

Chemical composition of CUNI 70/30 blind flange

Grade Mn Cu Pb Fe Ni Zn
70/30 1 max 65.0 min 0.5 max 0.4-1.0 29-33 1 max
We leverage our extensive industry experience and expertise to provide werkstoff no 2.0882 swrf flanges and cu-ni 70/30 slip on flanges that are specially tailored to the toughest industrial applications

What makes copper nickel 70/30 flanges suitable for tough industrial applications?

The hallmarks of asme b16.5 cu-ni 70-30 flanges – rust resistance and temperature/pressure tolerance – are ideal for petrochemicals, power transmission, and pharmaceuticals. Cu-ni 70-30 rtj flanges show high thermal and electrical conductivity. The durability of 70 30 copper nickel flanges attributes to corrosion resistance and fatigue strength.

Mechanical properties of copper nickel 70/30 slip on flanges

Grade Melting point Density Tensilestrength Elongation Yieldstrength(0.2%Offset)
70/30 2260°F 0.323 lb/in3 at 68°F 50000 PSi 30% 20000PSi
Find out more about the properties and performance of our ASTM B151 UNS C71500 Slip On Flange and din 2.0882 copper alloy flange, trusted for use in industries such as marine, chemical processing, and oil and gas

How does the performance of a uns c70600 flange compare to other flange materials in industries such as marine, chemical processing, and oil and gas?

These reliable components operate in fast-flowing and polluted seawater, corrosive environments, and elevated temperatures or pressures. Werkstoff no 2.0882 swrf flanges (socket weld) work in marine, offshore, and chemical sectors. Materials like stainless steel deliver lower performance in these industries.

Equivalent grade of copper nickel 70/30 weld neck flange

Grade UNS Werkstoff Nr.
70/30 C71500 2.0882