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Super Duplex Wire Mesh

Super duplex wire mesh specifications

What is a Super Duplex wire mesh?

The incredible strength of this material, coupled with its resistance to harsh chemicals and seawater, makes these products useful for several industrial sectors. A super duplex wire mesh uses a 50-50 austenitic-ferritic microstructure and comprises chromium, nickel, and molybdenum with additions of manganese and silicon.

A UNS S32750 wire mesh contains around 25% chromium and 7% nickel and is a cost-effective choice for gas processing and heat exchangers. Grade 2760 contains more nitrogen, nickel, and molybdenum for enhanced strength and corrosion resistance. A UNS S32760 wire mesh works extensively in chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and offshore oil drilling.

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Specification of super duplex wire mesh

Specifications Size Length
ASTM A276, A479 / ASME SA276, SA479 10 mm - 100 mm 12000mm max
Grade Dimension Types
S32750, S32760 ASTM, ASME, API Wire, filler wire, coil, electrode, welding electrode, welding Wire
Surface treatment of UNS S32760 wire mesh Weave style of ASME SA276 SDSS 2507 wire mesh Processing services of super duplex wire mesh
Hot dipped galvanized, electro galvanized, PVC coated Plain weave Bending, punching, welding, decoiling, cutting,

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Which properties of a Super Duplex wire mesh, such as electrical conductivity and magnetic susceptibility, should be considered when selecting the material for a particular application?

Industrial clients can benefit from the superior electrical conductivity of a zeron 100 UNS S32760 netting wiremesh. The electrical resistivity is 8.12 Ohm-cm.

These meshes also have favourable magnetic properties due to their ferrite content. The magnetic permeability of a super duplex steel fencing wiremesh is around 50.

We recommend procuring these products from a reliable provider focused on thorough quality control and testing. Our MTRs detail all the necessary properties to assure customers that the ASME SA276 SDSS 2507 wire mesh is compatible with your application.

Types of SDSS wires

Super Duplex Steel Netting Wiremesh

Super duplex steel netting wiremesh

Super Duplex Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Super duplex hexagonal wire mesh

Super Duplex S32750 Spring Steel Wire Mesh

Super duplex S32750 spring steel wire mesh

UNS S32760 wires

UNS S32760 wires

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What are the key characteristics of a Super Duplex Spring Steel Wire Mesh? How do these features contribute to its superior performance in industrial applications?

While a super duplex steel hexagonal wire mesh can be an expensive initial investment, these products reap rich dividends over time. Their unique chemical composition makes them hardy, resilient, and tough under stressful conditions.

  • It can resist temperatures from -50 to 300° C. A super duplex spring steel wire also has a melting point of 1350°C.
  • Remains hardy in the face of abrasive agents like acids and chlorides
  • It also resists stress-corrosion cracking.
  • Shows high tensile and yield strength (800 and 550 Mpa)

An ASME SA 276 SDSS wire mesh is available in different designs, like hexagonal, netting, woven, and fencing.

Chemical composition of SDSS 2507 wire mesh

Grade C N P Si Mn Mo Ni Cr S Other
S32750/S32760 0.030 0.24/0.32 0.035 0.80 1.20 3.0/5.0 6.00/8.00 24.0/26.0 0.020 Cu:0.50
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Sizes of SDSS wire mesh

Mesh Wire diameter Opening (mm)
inch mm
3 mesh 0.063 1.60 6.866
5 mesh 0.036 0.91 4.17
4 mesh 0.047 1.20 5.15
6 mesh 0.028 0.711 3.522
10 mesh 0.020 0.508 2.032
8 mesh 0.024 0.610 2.565
12 mesh 0.018 0.457 1.660
16 mesh 0.014 0.345 1.243
14 mesh 0.016 0.417 1.397
18 mesh 0.012 0.315 1.096
22 mesh 0.0124 0.315 0.840
20 mesh 0.0124 0.315 0.955
24 mesh 0.0124 0.315 0.743
30 mesh 0.011 0.274 0.573
26 mesh 0.0116 0.295 0.682
28 mesh 0.0116 0.295 0.612
32 mesh 0.010 0.254 0.540
38 mesh 0.0084 0.213 0.455
34 mesh 0.0092 0.234 0.513
40 mesh 0.0076 0.193 0.442
2 mesh 0.071 1.80 10.90
36 mesh 0.0092 0.234 0.472
View SDSS Fencing Wiremesh mechanical and equivalent properties online

Mechanical properties of UNS S32760 wires

Grade Density Melting point Yield strength(0.2% offset) Tensile strength Elongation
S32750/S32760 7.8g/cm3 1350°C(2460°F) PSi-80000, MPa-550 PSi-116000, MPa-800 15%

Equivalent grade of super duplex hexagonal wire mesh

Super duplex 1.4410 S32750 / S32760

Applications of super duplex wire mesh

  • → Use for bleaching in the paper and pulp industry
  • → Chemical processing
  • → Oil extractions
  • → Seawater handling
  • → High chloride and marine environments

Material testing of super duplex filler wire

  • → Mechanical testing(tensile of area)
  • → Positive material identification – pmi testing
  • → Micro and macro test
  • → Flaring test
  • → Chemical analysis(spectro analysis)
  • → Flattening test
  • → Pitting resistance test
  • → Intergranular corrosion test