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Duplex 2205 Round Bar

Duplex 2205 round bar specifications

What is a Duplex 2205 Round Bar?

This bars enjoys rust resistance, heat conductivity, and localised corrosion resistance. A duplex 2205 round bar contains 22% chromium, 5-6% of nickel, 3% molybdenum, and nitrogen. This material comprises austenitic and ferritic grades, delivering high impact and tensile strength. Duplex SAF 2205 bars are used extensively in petrochemicals, general engineering, and construction.

UNS S32205 bright bar supplier in India

What are the properties of a Duplex 2205 Round Bar?

These bars suit high-stress applications because of their durability, corrosion resistance, and high tensile rating. An S31803 2205 bars is easy to clean and maintain. A UNS S32205 bright bars has a wide temperature range of -50°F to 600°F.

Specification of duplex 2205 round bar

Standard Size Thickness
ASTM, EN, ASME, JIS, DIN, AISI, BS, API 3 - 6 meter 2mm - 100mm
Tolerance Condition Types
H13K9, K12, K10, K11, H10, H12, H11, H8 Cold drawnd, centreless ground & polished, annealed Coils, rolls, foils, shim sheet, plain sheet, strip

Through our extensive stock supply, we specialize in delivering high-quality 2205 duplex round bar consistently meeting industry standards, check How does the manufacturing process impact the quality of DSS 2205 bars

How does the manufacturing process impact the quality of 2205 duplex round bars?

Manufacturing an alloy 2205 round bars starts by acquiring high-quality, certified raw materials. The steel gets melted steel in an electric arc furnace and then shifted to an AOD converter. Finally, it gets cast into a 2205 duplex round bars with strict dimensional tolerance.

Integrated quality control at every step guarantees the performance of a 2205 stainless steel ring. Manufacturers may conduct further steps, like annealing, solution quenching, and peeling.

Types of DSS 2205 rod

duplex 2205 bar

Duplex 2205 bar

UNS S32205 bright bar

UNS S32205 bright bar

2205 forged bar

2205 forged bar

1.4462 hot rolled bar

1.4462 hot rolled bar

With our tensile test methods, you can be confident in the exceptional quality of every 2205 duplex bar and 1.4462 rounds we provide

How do tensile test results affect the selection and use of 2205 duplex bars in various applications?

The high tensile strength (621MPa) of a 2205 duplex bars is highly desirable for construction and engineering. These products undergo destructive tensile testing to measure the force or load to break a 2205 round bars and the corresponding elongation. Buyers should scrutinise the Mill Test Certificate while procuring 2205 duplex stainless steel bars.

Chemical composition of UNS S32205 bright bar

Mo C Mn Cr Ni Si P S N Fe
.030 Max
2.00 Max
1.00 Max
.030 Max
.020 Max
The notable toughness and corrosion resistance of alloy 2205 round bar and duplex 1.4462 square bars make them ideal for use in demanding applications

How does the toughness of a duplex 2205 forged bar make it suitable for demanding applications?

The above-par toughness of a duplex 2205 forged bar is a hallmark of this material, guarding against stress cracking. The maximum Brinell hardness stands at 290. This property makes a 2205 bars sturdy for diaphragm seals, heat exchangers, cargo tanks, and couplings.

Mechanical properties of duplex 2205 forged bar

Grade % Elongation YS (MPa) Hardness(BHN) UTS (MPa)
S31803 25 min. 450 min. 293 max. 620 min.

To view the full spectrum of available sizes and specifications, head to our specification chart to check our comprehensive stock of duplex SAF 2205 rod and DSS 2205 rectangular bar

What are the sizes and specifications of a Duplex 2205 flat Bar?

These products adhere to A240 UNS S32205. An equivalent for a duplex SS 2205 flat bars is S31803. Clients can acquire these components in diameters of 10mm to 100mm or even up to 280mm. A DSS 2205 rectangular bars has lengths of 100mm to 6000mm. The options are diverse: from an Avesta 2205 circle, square bars to hexagonal and round shapes.

Equivalent grade of DSS 2205 square bar

Duplex 2205 1.4462 S31803 / S32205