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Super Duplex 2507 Plate

Super duplex 2507 plate specifications

What is a Super Duplex 2507 plate?

The chemical composition of these plates lends them brilliant corrosion resistance: chromium, molybdenum, nickel, and nitrogen. A super duplex 2507 plate contains these elements in proportions of 25%, 4%, and 7%. It is a durable fit for high-strength applications. Chemical processing, paper manufacturing, and desalination plants use a duplex 2507 plate.

UNS S32750 sheet supplier in India, Similarly check What makes super duplex 2507 strip a superior choice for demanding applications

What makes a Super Duplex 2507 Plate a superior choice for demanding applications?

A hallmark of these plates is enduring resistance to different forms of corrosion, like pitting, crevice erosion, and cracking. An SA 240 Gr 2507 plate shows good tensile and yield strength for desalination plants and petrochemicals.

Specification of super duplex 2507 plate

Specifications Size Thickness
ASTM A240 / ASME SA240 Up to 500 mm 0.1mm - 100mm
Finish Profiling Types
2B, 2D, cold rolled sheet, BA NO(8), SATIN Plasma plate cutting, oxy-propane flame cutting, laser plate cutting Sheet, plate, strip, coil, foil, perforated sheet

Manifest Alloys have a long history of providing high-quality sdss 2507 plate and alloy 2507 Strip for demanding projects all over the india.

What are the benefits of using a Super Duplex 2507 Plate over other materials?

An ASTM A240 Type 2507 sheet has copper and tungsten to improve pitting and stress corrosion resistance. It is sturdy and ductile with high thermal conductivity. A super duplex 2507 sheet lasts longer than stainless steel or duplex grades.

Types of UNS S32750 sheet

UNS S32750 sheet

UNS S32750 sheet

Alloy 2507 perforated sheet

Alloy 2507 perforated sheet

Super duplex 2507 plate

Super duplex 2507 plate

Super duplex 2507 strip

Super duplex 2507 strip

Our quality commitment to our Intergranular Corrosion Test, IGC testing procedures, which ensure that each stainless steel 2507 sheet and SA-240 Duplex 2507 Cold Rolled Plate meets or exceeds industry standards

How do the testing methods for a Super Duplex 2507 plate ensure its quality and performance?

The production and machining process of an S32750 plate may occasionally introduce defects like cracks, scratches, etc. Non-destructive testing to detect surface flaws in a 2507 stainless steel plate includes hydrostatic and ultrasonic techniques. Manufacturers also test the mechanical properties of a 2507 plate (impact, flattening, and tension).

Chemical composition of super duplex 2507 strips

Grade C N P Si Mn Mo Ni Cr S Other
S32750/S32760 0.030 0.24/0.32 0.035 0.80 1.20 3.0/5.0 6.00/8.00 24.0/26.0 0.020 Cu:0.50
Our Werkstoff NR. 1.4410 Perforated Sheet and SA 240 Gr 2507 plate are known for their ability to withstand harsh conditions and provide reliable results

How does an SA 240 Gr 2507 shim sheet compare to other materials in terms of its ability to withstand harsh conditions?

Employing an SA-240 duplex 2507 cold rolled plate protects against corrosion perpetuated by chlorides, sulfides, and organic acids. It shows a PREN of over 40. A duplex stainless steel 2507 foil insulates from carbide precipitation, stress-related damage, and localized corrosion.

These properties make a zeron 100 UNS S32760 better than stainless or duplex steel for harsh environments, for example, heat exchangers, offshore drilling, and power generation.

But the downside of an alloy 2507 strip is embrittlement and lower toughness at temperatures over 480°F. Materials like titanium withstand fluctuating temperatures better and display top-notch corrosion resistance.

Mechanical properties of super duplex steel 2507 coil

Grade Density Melting point Yield strength(0.2% offset) Tensile strength Elongation
S32750/S32760 7.8g/cm3 1350°C(2460°F) PSi-80000, MPa-550 PSi-116000, MPa-800 15%

Our team is always available to answer any questions and help you determine typical finishing options of ASTM A240 Type 2507 Sheet and astm a240 gr 2507 chequered plate for your needs

What are the typical finishing options for an ASTM A240 Gr 2507 plate?

An ASTM A240 Gr 2507 plate is available with embossing, mirror finish, sandblasting, or etching. Buyers can get checkered plates or choose brushed and hairline finishes. A Werkstoff NR. 1.4410 perforated sheet can manage heat buildup in high temperatures.

Equivalent grade of SDSS 2507 perforated sheet

Super duplex 1.4410 S32750/S32760