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Super Duplex 2507 Round Bar

Super duplex 2507 round bar specifications

What is a super duplex 2507 round bar?

These bars get produced by alloying iron with chromium, molybdenum, and nickel (25%, 4%, and 7%). A super duplex 2507 round bar comprises austenitic and ferrite grades of stainless steel in 50-50% ratios. A SDSS 2507 rod is highly resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion.

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How does the composition of a super duplex 2507 hex bar contribute to its high-performance characteristics?

The impressive performance of asaf 2507 steel hex bar emanates from its unique chemical composition. The high amounts of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum in a super DIN 1.4410 flat bar(much higher than DSS) contribute to the performance.A 2507 rodalso contains copper and tungsten.

Specification of super duplex 2507 round bar

Specifications Size Thickness
ASTM A276 UNS S32760 3mm - 450mm dia 2mm - 100mm
Finish Tolerance Types
Rough polish, centreless ground, NO.4 finish, matte finish, bright polished, BA finish H13K9, K10, K11, K12, H12, H10, H8, H11, H9 Round, hex, square, flat bar

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How does a super duplex grade 2507 flat bar perform in harsh environments?

These bars can handle high-strength applications and exposure to corrosivechemicals. an super duplex 2507 forged bar resists chlorides, sulfides, acetic acid, etc. Consequently,it has a high pren (pitting resistance equivalent number) over 40. On the downside, en 1.4410 polished bars can face embrittlement at temperatures over 480°f.

Types of SDSS 2507 rod

Duplex 2507 Round Bar

Duplex 2507 round bar

Duplex 2507 Stainless bright bar

Duplex 2507 stainless bright bar

SAF 2507 steel forged bar

SDSS 2507 steel forged bar

Super duplex 2507 square bar

Super duplex 2507 square bar

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How are duplex 2507 stainless steel bright bars stringently tested to ensure quality?

The production process of a zeron 100 UNS S32760 bright bar is strict, efficient, and precise. However, it may occasionally develop problems like cracks, scarring, carbide accumulation, and the presence of other phases. Manufacturers conduct intensive testing of a DIN 1.4410 rectangular bar to find defects. The approaches are nondestructive: electric, hydrostatic, and pmi. Other ways to assess the quality of a 2507 circle are testing for impact handling, hardness, tensile strength, and corrosion resistance.

Chemical composition of SDSS 2507 bright bar

Grade C N P Si Mn Mo Ni Cr S Other
S32750/S32760 0.030 0.24/0.32 0.035 0.80 1.20 3.0/5.0 6.00/8.00 24.0/26.0 0.020 Cu:0.50
With a high yield strength and excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking, 25cr super duplex rod and alloy 2507 sdss bar is the perfect solution for applications requiring a durable and reliable material

How does the durability of a 2507 super duplex stainless steel rod contribute to its reliability in various applications?

The applicability of a super duplex 2507 tig rod to various industrial sectors is immense: from power generation and chemical processing to marine industries, fertilizers, heat exchangers, and pollution-control systems. An SDSS 2507 square baroffersresistance to pitting and cracking. Moreover, a duplex 2507 round bar and SDSS 2507 ring is sturdy and tough with good thermal conductivity.

Mechanical properties of super duplex 2507 forged bar

Grade Density Melting point Yield strength(0.2% offset) Tensile strength Elongation
S32750/S32760 7.8g/cm3 1350°C(2460°F) PSi-80000, MPa-550 PSi-116000, MPa-800 15%

To know more about the unique properties of EN 1.4410 polished bars and SDSS 2507 square bar, our expert team is always ready to assist you with any inquiries

What are the unique properties of en 1.4410 stainless steel bars?

These products show excellent toughness, a high tensile strength (800n/mm2), and good weldability via standard techniques. The corrosion resistance is brilliant; an alloy 2507 super duplex round bar is sought-after by the marine, chemical, and petrochemical sectors.

Equivalent grade of super duplex 2507 square bar

Super duplex 1.4410 S32750/S32760