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SAE 4130 Round Bar

What is an SAE 4130 Round Bar?

This bar gets produced from a steel alloy with chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. An SAE 4130 round bar also has silicon and carbon. The acronym stands for the Society of Automotive Engineers. An AISI 4130 square bar has extensive uses in aviation, automotive, oil and gas industries, and agriculture.

AISI 4130 rod manufacturer in India; learn more about the benefits of using 4130 steel hollow bar

What are the benefits of using SAE 4130 Hollow Bars in construction applications?

The chemical composition of these lends them strength and durability. An SAE 4130 hollow bars includes nickel and copper for corrosion resistance. The high modulus of elasticity is advantageous for construction. An AISI 4130 hex bars tolerates strain without losing its shape.

Specification of SAE 4130 round bar

SAE 4130 round bar specifications

Our SAE 4130 Hollow bars a testament to our commitment to quality and our passion for manufacturing products, also our aisi 4130 square bar are perform exceptionally well in the most demanding applications

How does an AISI 4130 bar compare to other steel products in terms of strength and durability?

This product has good overall strength, weldability, and resistance to wear and tear. However, an AISI SAE 4130 flat bars has less tensile (and yield) strength and hardness than Grade 4140. A DIN 1.7218 bars is not as strong as a duplex or super duplex but is much sturdier than regular steel.

Types of AISI 4130 bar

AISI 4130 Round Bar

AISI 4130 rod

AISI 4130 forged bar

AISI 4130 forged bar

4130 steel hollow bar

4130 steel hollow bar

SAE 4130 Circles

SAE 4130 Circles

Trust us to provide you with only the best quality aisi 4130 alloy steel ring and SAE 4130 Circles, rigorously tested using the latest technology to ensure their reliability and performance

How does the latest technology help ensure the quality and consistency of SAE 4130 steel bars?

The role of advanced machines for fabrication and machining helps make an AISI 4130 alloy steel ring consistent. Modern technology also helps ensure thorough testing to eliminate inconsistencies in the chemical composition of SAE 4130 Rings and surface defects. For example, positive material identification uses spectrometers. Ultrasonic and radiographic tests for an AISI 4130 rod use radiation.

Chemical composition of UNS G41300 bright bars

Chemical composition of UNS G41300 bright bars
The production of hollow SAE 4130 bar and SAE 4130 Rings involves advanced manufacturing processes, such as hot rolling and heat treatment, to ensure exceptional strength and toughness

How does the combination of hot rolling and heat treatment improve the quality and consistency of a hollow SAE 4130 bar?

These bars use hot rolling and additional heat treatments like annealing, quenching, tempering, and normalization. Consequently, a 4130 steel hollow bars benefits from these processes: increased strength, consistency, and durability. The efficient production process helps manufacturers adhere to precise diameters – typically 3 to 800mm for SAE 4130 circles.

Mechanical properties of SAE 4130 flat bars

Mechanical properties of SAE 4130 flat bars
Learn about the advantages of utilizing UNS G41300 rod and DIN 1.7218 bar for your upcoming project, such as its ability to reduce weight, increase efficiency, and extend the life of your products

What are the advantages of using a UNS G41300 bright bar in various applications?

These rods display high tensile strength of 655Mpa. Their fatigue strength and atmospheric corrosion resistance are above average. a UNS G41300 bright bars also shows good weldability and response to hardening through heat treatment. These properties make a hollow SAE 4130 bars perfect for gears, fasteners, aircraft components, machine and hydraulic tools, and auto racing.

Equivalent grade of AISI 4130 square bar

Equivalent grade of AISI 4130 square bar