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ASTM A182 F11 Round bar

ASTM A182 F11 round bar specifications

What is an ASTM A182 F11 Round bar?

These bars follow the specification for forged low-alloy steel fittings for high temperatures. An ASTM A182 F11 round bar comprises chromium, nickel, molybdenum, manganese, phosphorus, silicon, sulfur, and carbon. An ASTM A182 F11 rod displays good resistance to corrosion and favourable thermal properties.

SA 182 f11 bright bar supplier in India

How can customers ensure they receive the right quality of an ASTM A182 F11 round bar?

The best way to ensure satisfaction with a SA182f11 square bar is to trust reliable and capable vendors. We follow a strict quality assurance plan and issue Material Test Certificates (MTC) with an SA 182 F11 alloy steel round bars. It specifies the chemical and mechanical properties.

Customers can check documents like a packing list, a certificate of origin, and a guarantee letter. We recommend examining material traceability and heat treatment records for an A182 Gr F11 bars.

Specification of ASTM A182 F11 round bar

Specifications Size Thickenss
ASTM A182, ASME SA182 10 mm - 200 mm 0.5mm to 500mm
Finish Dimensions Form
Black, BA finish, matt finish, bright polished, rough turned ASTM, EN, AISI, DIN, ASME, JIS, BS Round bar, square bar, hex bar, rectangualar, flat bar

We are dedicated to providing a broad selection of a182 f11 round bars shapes and sizes, also check applications of sa 182 gr f11 annealed bar

What are the applications of ASTM A182 F11 bars?

These bars have good weldability and resistance against creep and rupture. The salient applications of an SA 182 Gr F11 annealed bars are general engineering, heat exchangers, chemical processing, and cement manufacturing. An SA 182 Gr F11 Cl 2 chrome moly bars also works in food processing, oil and gas, and power generation.

Types of ASTM A182 F11 rod

ASTM A182 F11 Round Bar

ASTM A182 F11 Round Bar

SA 182 f11 bright bar

SA 182 f11 bright bar

ASTM A182 Gr F11 hex bar

ASTM A182 Gr F11 hex bar

SA 182 F11 forged bars

SA 182 F11 forged bars

The reliability of our SA 182 F11 alloy steel round bar and uns k11572 bright bar is evident in the Brinell hardness testing methods we use

What are the Brinell hardness testing methods used to ensure the quality of an ASTM A182 F11 hex bars?

Checking the hardness is vital for an A182 F11 round bars. It impacts the durability, load bearing, and impact resistance critical applications. This test involves forcing a metallic ball under a load into the surface of the ASTM A182 Gr F11 hollow bars. Then, a microscope examines the diameter of the indentation. The Brinell hardness of an ASTM A182 F11 circle and bright bars is 143 to 207.

Chemical composition of ASTM A182 F11 bright bars

Grade Mn Ni Cr C Si Mo S P
A182 F11 0.40-0.65 - 1.00-1.50 0.10-0.20 0.50-0.80 0.44-0.65 0.040 Max 0.025 Max
Of our ASTM A182 gr F11 hollow bars is unmatched, making them the preferred choice for Construction and Automobile industries, also check key features that make sa182f11 square bar versatile

Which key features make an ASTM A182 F11 flat bar versatile?

These bars show resistance to oxidation, pitting, and stress-related cracking. A DIN 1.7335 flat bars is versatile and suits petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals because of its tolerance for high temperatures (up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit) and pressure. Moreover, UNS K11572 rounds and ASTM A182 F11 ring are dimensionally accurate and consistent, which improves their applicability to critical sectors.

Mechanical properties of ASTM A182 F11 forged bars

Grade Tensile strength Elongation Yield strength(0.2% offset)
F11 570 23 295
To know more about the SA 182 gr F11 Cl 2 chrome moly bar and a182 f11 rounds, feel free to read our detailed material equivalent

What are the equivalent materials to an ASTM A182 F11 forged bars?

The ASTM A217 WC6 material is almost equivalent to an ASTM A182 F11 forged bars. Their alloy composition, density, pitting resistance, and elastic modulus are virtually identical.

Equivalent grade of AS ASTM A182 F11 square bars

Grade Werkstoff nr. UNS
F11 1.7335 K115

Qualities of ASTM A182 F11 round bar

  • → Stress corrosion cracking resistance
  • → Pitting resistance
  • → Good dimensional accuracy
  • → Holds high temperature
  • → Long-lastingness
  • → Fine surface finishes
  • → Anti-corrosive body
  • → Holds high pressure

Applications of A182 F11 forged bar

  • → Petrochemical Industry
  • → Aerospace Industry
  • → Chemical Industry
  • → Oil and Gas Industry
  • → Power Plant Industry
  • → Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • → Energy Industry
  • → Food Processing
  • → IndustryPulp and Paper Indusry
  • → Refining Industry