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Titanium Grade 2 Flanges

Titanium grade 2 flanges specifications

What are titanium grade 2 flanges?

These products use pure alpha titanium – a combination of ti with carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and iron. titanium grade 2 flanges work in aerospace, chemical processing, automotive, power (and nuclear) generation, and oil and gas. They are available in different designs, for instance, a b381 grade f2 rtj flange.Piping systems needing to seal/terminateconnections in high-stress environments use an titanium gr2 blind flanges.

Ti gr2 blind flange and ASTM B381 Gr 2 Weld Neck Flange supplier in India

Which unique properties of titanium grade 2 flanges make them popular for high-performance applications?

They show brilliant tolerance for high-corrosion environments, aqua regia, chlorides, and seawater. A grade 2 titanium flange displays weldability and formability despite being sturdy and durable. Moreover, sb 381 grade 2 pipe flanges (the specification for annealed titanium forgings) maintain their strength and oxidation resistance up to 400°f to 600°f.Their biocompatibility helps them play a critical role in orthopaedic joint and bone replacements.

Specification of titanium grade 2 flanges

Specifications Size Class
ASTM B381/ ASME SB381 1/2" - 48" NB Class 150, Cl. 600, Cl 300, 400, Class 1500, Cl 900, 2500
Flange face type Technique Types
Flate face, raised face, ring type joint Forged, heat treated, machined Blind flanges, slip on flanges, weld neck flanges, socket weld flanges

We offer unrivalled service and support for your titanium gr 2 flange requirements, as well as an exploration of the exceptional properties of UNS R50400 Socket Weld Flanges

How does the availability of expert support impact the use of uns r50400 socket weld flanges?

These products are fit for small-diameter but high-pressure pipes. Astm b381 grade f2 socket weld flanges have critical uses like airframe parts, heat exchangers, and neurostimulation devices. Expert support guarantees adequate quality control. We recommend dealing with manufacturers with a skilled team to address client requirements and customizations for uns r50400 socket weld flanges.

Types of ti gr2 flange

ASME SB 381 F2 Blind Flange

Titanium grade 2 blind flange

ASTM B381 Gr 2 Weld Neck Flange

ASTM B381 gr 2 weld neck flange

ASTM B381 Grade 2 Slip On Flange

ASME SB 381 DIN 3.7165 slip on flange

UNS R50400 Socket Weld Flanges

UNS R50400 socket weld flanges

Our sophisticated testing methods guarantee the delivery of ASTM B381 Gr 2 Weld Neck Flange and Sb 381 Gr 2 Pipe Flanges that meet and exceed industry benchmarks.

What role do non-destructive testing methods play in testing titanium gr2 slip on flanges?

The typical tests for a titanium gr2 slip on flanges include non-destructive methods like radiography, spectrometry, ultrasonic, and electromagnetic. It ascertains the chemical composition and properties ofsb 381 grade f2 flangeswhile identifying defects.

Chemical composition of titanium gr2 slip on flanges

Grade Al N C V O Ti H Fe
Titanium grade 2 - 0.03 max 0.10 max - 0.25 max bal 0.015 max 0.30 max
These ASTM B381 Grade 2 Slip On Flange and B381 Gr F2 rtj flange boast an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, making them an optimal selection for applications where weight reduction is a paramount concern

What makes the astm b381 grade 2 slip on flange impressive in its strength-to-weight ratio?

An astm b381 grade 2 slip on flange has a high strength-to-weight ratio – the best in all pure metals. This material offers as much strength as steel at 40% of the weight. It makes these products excellent aircraft parts, vehicle chassis, and other applications where weight is significant.

Mechanical properties of ti gr2 blind flange

Grade Density Elongation Tensilestrength Melting point Yieldstrength(0.2%Offset)
Titanium grade 2 4.5 g/cm3 20% Psi-49900, MPa-344 1665°c(3030°F) PSi-39900, MPa-275

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What are the cost-saving benefits of using titanium grade 2 flanges over other materials?

The significant benefit stems from the superior strength-to-weight ratio of an ASTM B381 gr 2 weld neck flange: one of the strongest per unit mass. Clients can incur cost savings because lesser quantities by weight of titanium gr 2 forged ring are required, compared to alternatives like stainless steel.

Equivalent grade of titanium gr2 weld neck flange

Grade UNS Werkstoff Nr.
Titanium grade 2 R50400 3.7035