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Titanium Grade 2 Pipe

Titanium grade 2 pipes specifications

What is a Titanium Grade 2 Pipe?

Titanium is available in different grades for commercial uses, of which Grade 2 is the most commonly employed. A Titanium Grade 2 Pipe uses pure alpha ti. It exhibits excellent weldability and handles corrosion and oxidation well. These properties make a ti grade 2 seamless pipes ideal for marine applications and environments exposed to brine (nitrohydrochloric acid).

view applicatiions of titanium grade 2 seamless pipe

What are the applications of a Titanium Grade 2 Pipe?

The light weight, corrosion-resistant, and weldable nature makes these pipes ideal for numerous industries. Their most frequent application is in marine industries and desalination plants. A CP Grade 2 ti pipes (commercially pure) also works in architecture, medical instruments, and

Specification of titanium grade 2 pipes

Specifications Size Wall thickness
ASTM B861 / ASME SB861, SB338, SB388, SB862 1mm - 254mm OD 0.1 - 20mm
Schedules End Types
SCH20, STD, SCH30, SCH40, SCH80, SCH80, XS, SCH60, SCH160, SCH120, XXS, SCH140 Beveled end, plain end, treaded Seamless pipe, welded pipes, ERW pipe, EFW pipe

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What is the hardness of a Ti grade 2 Pipe?

This material displays average strength. The hardness for a ti grade 2 welded pipes stands at 160-200 HV (Vickers). The Brinell hardness of a ti cp grade 2 pipe is 200 for the annealed state. The Rockwell Hardness of pure ti is around 80 HRB.

Types of ti cp grade 2 pipe

Titanium Grade 2 Seamless Pipe

Titanium grade 2 seamless pipe

Ti grade 2 ERW pipe

Ti grade 2 ERW pipe

Titanium grade 2 straight pipe

Titanium grade 2 straight pipe

Titanium cp grade 2 welded pipe

Titanium cp grade 2 welded pipe

Check magnetic properties of astm b338 gr2 pipe and ti cp grade 2 seamless pipes

Does a Grade 2 Titanium Pipe possess magnetic properties?

No, ti in a commercially pure state is non-magnetic. A Ti CP grade 2 seamless pipes is non-magnetic. It has a very low magnetic permeability or electromagnetism. A Schedule 40 ti pipes is not attracted to magnets.

Chemical composition of ti gr2 seamless pipes

Grade Al N C V O Ti H Fe
Titanium grade 2 - 0.03 max 0.10 max - 0.25 max bal 0.015 max 0.30 max
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Chemical composition of a Titanium Grade 2 Pipe

This material is a pure form of ti widely used in sea water-based applications. The chemical composition of a DIN 3.7035 pipes comprises at least 99.2% ti. It can contain small amounts of carbon (0.1), nitrogen (0.03), iron (0.3), hydrogen (0.015), and oxygen (0.25). The amounts indicated for an ti gr2 seamless pipes are maximum limits.

Mechanical properties of titanium grade 2 welded pipe

Grade Density Elongation Tensilestrength Melting point Yieldstrength(0.2%Offset)
Titanium grade 2 4.5 g/cm3 20% Psi-49900, MPa-344 1665°c(3030°F) PSi-39900, MPa-275

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Titanium Grade 2 Pipe?

The standout property of these pipes is brilliant oxidation and corrosion resistance. a ti gr2 ERW pipes also has good formability and can handle temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The recyclable nature and biocompatibility of the material make it safe for medical applications. A B338 Gr2 pipes also has a high strength-to-density ratio.

On the other hand, TI is highly reactive and has moderate strength. The production process of a ti CP Grade 2 welded pipes must use precise tools to avoid introducing impurities. It is also more expensive than other available options.

Equivalent grade of titanium gr2 ERW pipe

Grade UNS Werkstoff Nr.
Titanium grade 2 R50400 3.7035